Leap of Faith

The Leap of Faith is a six week faith experiment (usually during the Lenten Season) of prayer and fasting designed to foster deeper enthusiasm towards and trust in God throughout an entire congregation. They’re super-popular. Almost all Blue Ocean congregations run them yearly, as do many other churches throughout the world. And you can see why! Smuch of what Blue Ocean is about depends on a living, communicative connection with Jesus. We’ve found Leaps of Faith to be particularly helpful experiences to empower that.

Each Leap of Faith follows a specific theme where participants are encouraged to ask the following three questions:

What do you want Jesus to do for you?
Jesus loves us, is on our side and encourages us to ask him for good things (Mt 7:7-11) as opposed to looking for those good things from some other source. But it can feel risky to ask for things we actually care about! At their best, Leaps of Faith become safe settings to open ourselves up in a new way to a living, loving God.

What do you want Jesus to do for your Six?
We all know at least six local people who, as best as we can tell, aren’t experiencing much from God. Maybe that’s because they don’t have anyone who is praying for them! We’ve found that, during the Leap of Faith, having our congregations pray for their six opens up great power from God into the lives of these friends and opens up us, the people praying, to a living, praying role into our cities.

What do you want Jesus to do for your church (or your city)?
Leaps of Faith can be really powerful times for our whole congregation to pray together for our church or our city. Sometimes concrete things come out of this like new church sites or community centers or permanent church locations. Other times congregations look to experience the Holy Spirit in more powerful ways. No matter the specific focus, we’ve found that collective prayer during Lent can pack quite a punch.

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