Part of what makes the Leap of Faith so great is that whole churches do it together while knowing that fellow churches around the country and beyond are also participating.

And sharing stories serves to encourage and raise the faith of all of us. Here are some stories people have shared.

I prayed that I would be healed from anorexia and am now at a healthy weight and have rejoined the track and cross country teams at my college.

Saved my aunt and uncle’s marriage: At the beginning of the 40 days, I found out that my aunt and uncle’s marriage was unraveling due to an affair.  After fasting and praying for 38 days, I was contacted by my uncle.  He was about to sign a lease on an apartment to move in with his lover.  Before he could sign, he felt an almost audible voice in his head say “stop.”  He went back to my aunt and started to see how their marriage could be saved.  She found a way to forgive him.  He was calling me to find out whether this voice was Jesus.  It’s been about three years and they (my aunt and uncle) are happily together (and my 11-year-old cousin is doing great).  They are both following Jesus now and have, since then, encouraged me in my faith.

The Leap of Faith was an amazing experience for me.  I asked God to give my brother a job (who was unemployed for 2 years) and for my parents/family to find some kind of happiness after a terrible car accident that happened in ’03.  After 40 days of faith, in the same week my brother got a job, I got a job and my parents bought a new house—a sign from God that, despite trials and tribulations, he still has enormous blessings awaiting us.

I prayed that my college loans would be completely erased and I got a stamped letter with all my loans returned.  The stamp said “Paid in Full.”

I was in the last year of my job, with no prospects and not even sure I wanted to continue in that path.  I also had/have quite a bit of debt.  I prayed for God to give me a job that I would love that would allow me to serve him and to help me pay off my debt.  Two weeks before my contract ran out, I got a promotion to a better job.  And, to top it off, the job is residential.  I have an apartment with all utilities provided!  So I can work off my debt!  God is truly amazing!

I was praying for a friend to come to know Jesus.  About a year later he did and now he attends the church too!

  1. I prayed that God would give me more of a prophetic gifting. One day I prayed for a couple who were trying to have a baby.  I thought I felt something “jump” in my stomach, and it happened again the next day, so I told them.  2 days later, they discovered they were pregnant and now they have a baby boy!
  2. I prayed that God would get us out of exhaustive credit card debt from school and emergency medical bills. We made the last payment in about 6 months!  Despite both of us being out of work at times and a near-death medical emergency.  It was a miracle.

I participated in the 40 days for the first time last year.  I prayed for a job and I got it!  Yay!  (But I asked for a bunch of other things I wish God had also answered, but the job was great!)

Last year my small group prayed and fasted together during the Leap of Faith.  I think more than anything else the best part wasn’t some huge thing God did, but more the transformation that took place in our lives and our group as a whole.  It was as if our whole group just fell in love with Jesus all over again.  I can’t wait to do it again this year.

I asked for boldness.  During my job interview I told them my crazy God dream: to study theology and teach it in China.  As crazy as it was, they offered me the job on the spot.

A lot:

  1. We prayed for a great job and we got it.
  2. After a miscarriage, your prayer counselors helped release depression from me.  I became pregnant during the 40 days.  (Meanwhile my small group member was praying for prophecy gifting.  And she prophesied that I was pregnant several days before we knew it.  A woman on the women’s retreat also prophesied about it.)  Joshua was born healthy in November.

I have no money or dental insurance and have prayed for years so I could go and take care of lots of broken teeth, etc.  A very unexpected source has enabled me to take care of my entire mouth.  A real miracle, believe me!

I prayed that God would bring me a husband.  Hasn’t happened yet.  But I can definitely say that God has given me more peace and assurance on this topic than I’ve ever experienced.

Having just moved here at the beginning of the last Leap of Faith, I prayed for a job and friends and God blessed me with both!

I found my wife!!!

I was healed from anxiety about public speaking.

I’ve enjoyed a vastly improved way of communicating with my wife.

I prayed that I would persevere in my relationship with Jesus.  Here I am three years later happier than I have ever been in my life.

(During the last 40 Days, I felt that God) asked me to fast for my daughter, whom I had been estranged from for 8 years.  Two months after the fast, with one phone call from her we were reconciled.

A few years ago we had an ectopic pregnancy—a very painful and distressing end to a pregnancy which led to our doctor saying we may never be able to have children.  (We weren’t excited about the specific medical interventions that were proposed, so) we used the Leap of Faith to pray (for a child).  At the end of the 40 Days, we felt God say it was time…  Nine months later our son was born and we now have a beautiful two-year-old.

I prayed to see God working in my life.  It’s weird.  I don’t know when it started happening, but I do.  It hasn’t faded but only gets stronger even when I’m not as faithful in doing the journey work.  I see Him and His hand in every aspect of my life… from my relationships, my financial situation, work… everything.  It’s been amazing to not feel alone.

During my first Leap of Faith, I prayed that I could go from having a draining soul-crushing full-time job to being a freelancer. That was back in 2005 and I am happy to say that I have continued to work on a freelance basis since that year. It is such a better fit for me, for my dreams and my personality. The Leap of Faith gave me courage to step out, even when I couldn’t immediately see how it was all going to come together. Can’t wait for the upcoming Leap of Faith!

My Leap of Faith experiences in general have brought me deeper into my relationship with Jesus. There is a stronger spiritual-openness feel and sense during the period of time we, as a community, are praying together. Each year I look forward to this time even if my requests to Jesus are not answered during that time or even at all. What I find is that deeper heart issues are addressed by the Holy Spirit in a way that is amazing and profound. Typically, things I wasn’t aware of or to the degree that end up going through. Regardless of everything else, Jesus meets me where I am and propels me deeper in a way that doesn’t happen when we are not in the Leap of Faith season.

Last year’s Leap of Faith was the first time I prayed for my 6, and I did it almost every day (I wrote their names on my shower wall, so I would see them every day!) I found that over the course of Lent, things started happening for many of them – one friend got a surprising and high-paying job after months of unemployment, one was able to enjoy her wedding despite family conflict (she had previously been resigned to a bad experience.) Another friend also had several successes in his life. I was surprised at how God was working in their lives!

I felt closer to my 6 as a result and found that I had more compassion and really cared for those people in my interactions with them, specifically during those 40 days.

I LOVE Leaps of Faith!  They’ve been awesome times for me to focus more on God and pray big prayers for new jobs and major life changes. God has met me in all of those times.