Themes & Guides

The two essential components to running a Leap of Faith are the User’s Manual and the Bible Guide. The User’s Manual is a 15-20 page document which provides a detailed introduction to each Leap of Faith along with suggestions on how to participate. The Bible Guide is a six week in depth look at passages in the Bible. Each guide walks readers through a section of the Bible providing daily insight into each passage and giving helpful suggestions of how the reader can use the Bible to get the most out of their Leap of Faith experience.

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Here are some examples of themes from past years:


THEME: People begin to see real spiritual power when they “cross the moat” from their island (everyone they relate to–family, friends, church members) to the rest of the world. Individuals are encouraged to love a stranger (someone they don’t need) in their life by blowing money on them and praying for them during the Lenten season.
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Jesus is Really Good

THEME: Learning to look to God to give you the things you really need in life. Participants are encouraged to ask Jesus how he’d like to make their lives feel better. God likes to be the giver of all good things and when we look to Him to provide, He tends to fill those gifts with a sense of lasting joy and encouragement. Relying on God also releases us from worrying about money and allows us to be wildly generous. (The theme of generosity and relying on God was used to raise money for a building campaign.)
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The World Awaits

THEME: This Leap of Faith emphasizes God’s heart for all people and proposes the idea that we get the most out of life by sharing and pursuing God together. Participants are encouraged to learn about faith alongside their non-churchgoing friends by fostering generative faith conversations revolving around experience-based questions. The goal here is not to “convert” your friends but actually learn from them by asking questions such as: “What sorts of things have you found most helpful in your practice of the spiritual life?” and having a give and take dialogue through the sharing of experiences.
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Find Your Calling

THEME: This Leap of Faith is focused on finding and pursuing your “calling” and how that directly ties in with a life committed to persistent leadership in the things of God. The sermon series progresses through the stages of leadership development based on J. Robert Clinton’s book The Making of a Leader and is designed to encourage participants to “hang in there” in whatever stage they find themselves in and gives them practical tips on how to make it to “convergence” (realizing your destiny) and “afterglow” (fallout effects of a life well lived). The dream for the church in this season is to become a community dedicated to reaching afterglow.
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