Video: Bounded Set /Centered Set

Bounded Set /Centered Set
Dave Schmelzer explains a way to approach faith using images from math.


Video: Stage Theory
Stage Theory
Dave Schmelzer explains M. Scott Peck’s “stage theory”from the book, The Road Less Traveled.


Video: Is God More Like A Doctor or Boss?

Is God More Like A Doctor or Boss?
Dave Schmelzer talks about the difference between people who relate to God as a boss or a doctor and why that matters.


Sermon Series

Sermon Series: insights from the 98%

In Cambridge, MA statistics show that only 2% of the population attend church. This series shares insights from the 98% of people who do not attend church and what we can learn from their perspective.

“What is the Holy Spirit Telling You?” (Dave Schmelzer)

“Everything is Shot Through With Meaning” (Dave Schmelzer)

” ‘Within’ is Awesome. ‘Against’ is Bad.” (Dave Schmelzer)

“Other People Are My Fastest Road to the Holy Spirit” (Dave Schmelzer)

“Notes from the 2%” (Val Snekvik)

“Everything Works Out When God’s Goodness Trumps My Goodness” (Dave Schmelzer)

“Maybe It’s Worth It Just To Be Decent Neighbors” (Brian Housman)

“Oh, This Only Works if This Story Becomes MY Story!” (Dave Schmelzer)

“I Don’t Want To Be in a Church Where Everyone Has to Agree with Me…But I don’t Know How To Make That Work” (Dave Schmelzer)

Sermon Series: How is it Good News?

This series gives a fresh take on the book of Galations

Good News For Everyone (Charles Park)

Good News For Everyone Part 2  (John Furste)

The Law (Charles Park)

Be a Blessing (Charles Park)

Freedom (Charles Park)

Good Human Beings (Charles Park)

New Creation (Charles Park)

Sermon Series: Membership Class

This is a 5 week series from the membership class series from Blue Ocean Faith Ann Arbor

“A Church Waiting To Happen: Jesus, Spirit, Scripture, Science, All-People Friendly,” (Ken Wilson) Sermon Notes (pdf)

“It’s All About Connection, to Self, Others, the Wide World and God.” (Ken Wilson)  Sermon Notes (pdf)

“Revival in the Secular West: Engaging Secular Culture.” (Emily Swan) Sermon Notes (pdf)

“Blue Ocean Spirituality.” (Emily Swan) Sermon Notes (pdf)

“Jesus, The Hero’s Journey, Our Turn” (Ken Wilson)  Sermon Notes (pdf)

Sermon Collection: Prayer

We’ve discovered that connection–to ourselves, our world, and our God–is central to our mission and our view of the world. Blue Ocean offers an increasingly robust set of resources about each of those types of connection. Here are a few that focus on powerful takes on prayer.

Listening Prayer (4 min. video)
Dave Schmelzer talks about hearing the voice of God and
gives some tips from his own experience.


The Surprising Power of the Examen
Grace Schmelzer shares inspiration from the ancient teachings of Loyola and how examen yields surprising benefits in our lives.

The Psalmist Guide To A Happy Life
Dave Schmelzer shares how this ancient prayer book helps us experience joy.

How the Psalms Help When Things Aren’t Working Out
Discover how the psalms help us deal with extended disappointments with God.

Summit Talks

Whole Spirituality: All of Life is Spiritual

Speaker: Dave Schmelzer
Session 1 at the Midwest Summit in Iowa City, IA on April 10th, 2015.

Using All the Available Resources to Navigate Life and Spirituality

Speaker: Dave Schmelzer
Session 2 at the Midwest Summit in Iowa City on April 10th, 2015

Alive to All of Me: Connecting to Ourselves

Speaker: Ken Wilson
Session 3 of the Midwest Summit in Iowa City on April 11, 2015

Alive to All of God in All of the World

Speaker: Dave Schmelzer
Session 4 of the Midwest Summit in Iowa City on April 11, 2015.

More from Blue Ocean Faith

Dave Schmelzer shares his thoughts in the Blue Ocean Faith Blog.

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