SEEK-dvdSeek is a popular, 10-week course taught in churches, homes and cafés that has empowered thousands of participants to discover whether faith can work for them. Many of the courses are taught live (transcripts, cheat sheets, handouts and an overview guide are available for free) while others are taught using videos of each session. Rather than being an argument-based course, Seek coaches participants towards experiencing God for themselves in profound and unexpected ways.

When used within churches, Seek often helps create an entirely new, welcoming, spiritually-powerful culture that builds surprising bridges to the secular cities around them.

Each evening includes a casual dinner, a thought-provoking talk, and a relaxed group discussion.

Topics Covered in SEEK include:

  • Why Consider Faith in Jesus?
  • What’s So Important about Jesus?
  • How Can My Prayers Have Power?
  • How Can I Get the Best Stuff from the Bible?
  • Can I Expect God to Guide Me?
  • Does God Do Miracles Today?
  • Holy Spirit Day (Special Saturday session)
    What’s the Big Deal about the Holy Spirit?
    The Three Transformations of the Holy Spirit
    How Can I Experience the Holy Spirit?
  • What about Evil?
  • Why Community?
  • I’d Love to Talk about this Stuff, but How?
  • On the Road to Your Impossibly Great Life

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