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The Seek DVDs were professionally filmed at WGBH Studios in Boston and contain all thirteen talks on 5 DVDs plus a bonus DVD of roundtable interviews on how to run Seek.

The DVDs were filmed to run as a plug-and-play where any individual or group can host Seek by gathering their friends and neighbors, watching a talk, and then having a discussion afterwards.

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          Disc 1
                01  Why Consider Faith in Jesus? (42:40)
                02  What’s So Important About Jesus? (39:20)

          Disc 2
                03  How Can My Prayers Have Power? (30:04)
                04  How Can I Get the Best Stuff from the Bible? (34:54)
                05  Can I expect God to Guide Me? (28:15)

          Disc 3
                06  Does God Do Miracles Today? (33:32)
                07  What’s the Big Deal about the Holy Spirit? (31:32)
                08  The Three Transformations of the Holy Spirit (30:28)

          Disc 4
                09  How Can I Experience the Holy Spirt? (31:26)
                10  What About Evil? (30:40)
                11  Why Community? (26:24)

          Disc 5
                12  I’d Love to Talk about this Stuff, but How? (29:47)
                13  On the Road to Your Impossibly Great Life (38:32)
          Disc 6 — Featurettes
                Intro (5:10)

          Roundtable Interviews:
                01  Starting Seek (12:29)
                02  Running the First Session (16:51)
                03  Team Dynamics (15:18)
                04  Holy Spirit Day (21:31)
                05  Life After Seek (16:27)

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