Seek Manual

For years, the Greater Boston Vineyard taught a popular, argument-based course on exploring spirituality. But then participants began to rebel.

What these leaders discovered in the shadow of places like Harvard and MIT is that their smart participants weren’t looking for abstract truths about faith. Instead, they were looking for real experiential faith. If they couldn’t experience God, why would they want God?

Seek, rather than being a reason- and argument-based course,  is a suggestion and experience-based course.

Since 2008, Seek has made its way across the country. As the popularity of the course grew, so did the demand for a Seek video series. The most popular feedback we received from both churches and individuals was “I love this stuff, but I don’t feel confident to run a course on my own yet.”

Filmed at WGBH studios in Boston, the Seek video set is available to purchase and the transcripts are available as free downloads. The videos include each session, along with bonus videos of how-to-run-a-successful-Seek-course roundtable discussions.

Seek Manual

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