Here are the first 3 sessions from the series that give a feel for the course and could also be used as stand alone discussion topics.

Seek Talk 1: Why Should I Consider Faith In Jesus?

This talk starts off with reasons why someone might be tempted not to consider faith in Jesus, and goes on to suggest that despite those objections, maybe there’s something more to life. Dave tells his own story of how he grew up in a “Christian” household, abandoned his faith, became an atheist, and then had a intriguing experience that changed his life forever…


Seek Talk 2: What’s So Important About Jesus?

Seek has proven helpful for people from all and no faith traditions, though it does approach faith from a perspective focused on Jesus.  This talk looks at why that’s so and whether that focus will open up or shut down relationships with people from all faith backgrounds.


Seek Talk 3: How Can My Prayers Have Power?

Throughout Seek Dave proposes the idea that perhaps the best part about prayer is not getting ‘the goods’ from God, but actually knowing God himself. This talk addresses the questions of “Does prayer really change things?” “Is connection with God actually possible?”  And, “Can we really ‘hear’ from God?”

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