Season 4


Season 4

Episode 115: "Spiritual Tourism" Gives Hope in Disorienting Times

Here's what might be the most helpful perspective  that you'll find about finding peace (and God) in jarring times..

It feels like America's cultural and political life has never been more fragmented and jarring--but a little reflection will suggest that 50 years ago was even crazier, with assassinations and rioting and lies from the White House. In 1965, young Roger Dewey took a spiritual and cultural journey through Latin America that he wrote about in his book The Hitchhiking Diaries. It transformed both his faith and his social conscience. Fifty years later, he and his wife, Claire, revisited the experience and came back with fresh perspective for hopeful faith in this time of craziness. 



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season 4

Episode 114 - God's to do list: doing good stuff for you

You have more going for you than you think.

"God's goodness" is a pretty basic religious teaching. But in Blue Ocean Faith, they've found that this truth triggers surprising, unexpected ways to a the life we all want. Christina Roberts, Ryan Bauers and Dave Schmelzer explore the key ways this truth makes it possible to suffer and nonetheless find a great, transcendent world.

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The Unity of the Bible: Unfolding God's Plan for Humanity | By Daniel P. Fuller



episode 113: Being done with church

Church leaders are more likely to be "done with church" than casual attendees are. Here are some  first explanations of why.

Several weeks back, Blue Ocean Faith's Dave Schmelzer invited members of Blue Ocean's mailing list who regarded themselves as "done with church" to fill that out for him. After a hundred detailed responses within the hour, Dave started compiling. Here, he, Christina Roberts and Ryan Bauers take a first pass at passing on what they've learned and what it might mean. 

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Church Refugees: Sociologists Reveal Why People Are Done with Church but not Their Faith | By Josh Packard and Ashleigh Hope

The Vanishing Neighbor: The Transformation of American Community | By Marc J. Dunkelman

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episode 112: 

Maybe christians can promote spiritual health among....everybody

What if there are far great opportunities for christians in the larger culture than we've considered?

Adam Reynolds has, for years, been the Blue Ocean Faith chaplain at M.I.T., but has recently been promoted as an assistant chaplain for everyone there. Arguably more than anyone else in the BOF world, Adam has learned some ins and outs of, as a Christian, promoting spiritual health among all people. But it's required significant spiritual growth and change for him to pull that off. Dave Schmelzer and Christina Roberts have a fascinating conversation with Adam about what that's looked like and what all Christians might learn from his journey.

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