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  • YOU Need both faith and spirituality

    But mostly, at best, you only get one of them.  Here’s a problem that people of faith have had to deal with forever, mostly unsuccessfully. One’s life crashes, maybe shockingly crashes, and, in this case, let’s say one’s faith doesn’t help. Sometimes... read more.

  • Why the third way remains so important

    I was interviewed about my book by Religion News Service. Their interviewer is on their atheism beat—I wonder what that says about me!—and what she wanted to talk most about were solus Jesus and the Third Way (along with the general state of “being controversial”). And then I got solicited to write a response to the odious “Nashville Statement” for—I’ll euphemize here—“a major newspaper” (by the time you read this, we’ll likely know whether it’s run or not). And what was the unique perspective I might be able to bring to bear? A view from the Third more.